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ANNA POMASKA / Artist Photographer

Anna Pomaska
Anna Pomaska

Anna Pomaska works in both traditional processes and in new digitally-based media. Her artistic intention is to give evidence of multi-layered realities and to intimate to the viewer the mysteries of existence behind the appearance of things.

Working only with original photographs and drawings, Anna scans the images and manipulates them in Photoshop, often combining found objects with her photographs and drawings. She unites the multiple techniques of photography, drawing, collage, and print-making to create seamless giclée fine art prints. This portfolio site is a current offering of her most recent digital works. All works are copyrighted by Anna Pomaska, and any use without her express permission is forbidden by her and by law.

Anna was born in 1946 in Edinburgh, Scotland, of Polish parents in refuge from World War II. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1951, and she grew up in Buffalo, New York. She went on to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she studied painting, drawing, printmaking and the graphic arts, receiving her Batchelor of Fine Arts in 1968. After graduation, she stayed on at the school as Assistant Photographer in Publications. This was the real beginning of her life-long involvement in photography.

In 1976 she received her Masters of Fine Art in Photography from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York. She was particularly influenced by Joan Lyons and Keith Smith, teacher artists who are exponents of using experimental photographic techniques to further personal artistic vision. Anna worked with copy cameras, photo etching, photo silkscreen, non-silver processes, and combined hand coloring and drawing with photography.

It was during this time that Anna developed a career creating children's activity books for a New York City publisher. This career continues to this day. She has developed more than 100 activity titles for Dover Publications, and several for Random House and Grosset and Dunlap. For a view into the children's side of Anna's work, please visit Anna's e-bay store.

Anna Pomaska moved to Los Angeles in 1984, where she expanded her interests by joining Hallowed Aire Ritual Players, a performance art group under the direction of Barbara T. Smith. Many digital prints were created from a suite of images first generated as part of a collaborative project between Anna and Barbara. The project aimed at presenting Smith's experiences from her two-year-long time-based performance, The 21st Century Odyssey. The work's original manifestations were as a series of silver gelatin prints employing traditional darkroom photo techniques. However, the emerging field of digital technology was a natural evolution for Anna's visual concerns; she took elements of the original pieces and rebirthed them in the computer.

Pomaska's work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York, the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, the Margaret Crow Gallery in Pasadena, California, the Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California, and the Marsh Art Gallery at the University of Richmond.

Anna Pomaska currently resides in Urbanna, Virginia.

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